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2018/02/09   Wisconsin Supreme Court primary will leave just two
2018/01/30   Court seems to favor death row inmate in dispute with lawyer
2018/01/26   Malaysia's top court annuls unilateral conversions of minors
2018/01/04   Judge Rejects Request for New Vote in Virginia House Race
2017/12/13   S Carolina Rep. Quinn pleads guilty to corruption charge
2017/10/13   Supreme Court refuses to hear Kentucky foster care case
2017/10/11   Court nixes class-action status for TGI Friday's drink suit
2017/10/06   Spooked businesses shift headquarters out of Catalonia
2017/09/14   Rooney gets road ban after pleading guilty to drunk driving
2017/09/10   Court: Apology expressing fault can't be used in lawsuits
2017/08/13   Hailey attorney named to Idaho District Court bench
2017/08/10   Open records policy set for administrative court records
2017/08/02   Man suspected in Indiana officer's killing due in court
2017/07/20   EU closer to sanctions on Poland over changes in judiciary
2017/07/06   Court: Detained immigrant children entitled to court hearing
2017/07/03   Indiana high court to rule on Lake Michigan beach ownership
2017/06/28   Case of gay couple's wedding cake heads to Supreme Court
2017/06/07   Alabama asks US Supreme Court to let execution proceed
2017/05/19   Texas advances new abortion limits despite court defeats
2017/05/09   Indian tycoon Vijay Mallya guilty of disobeying top court
2017/05/01   4th Arkansas inmate executed in 8 days lurches on gurney
2017/04/21   Conservatives fault Arkansas court for halting executions
2017/04/09   Court: Banned Dartmouth fraternity can't live in house
2017/03/31   High Court Struggles Over Hospital Pension Dispute
2017/03/06   Oklahoma tribe sues oil companies in tribal court over quake
2017/03/01   California court expands endangered-species removal powers
2017/02/20   Graft conviction keeps south Indian politician out of office
2017/02/14   NC court blocks law stripping governor of election powers
2017/01/19   Aaron Hernandez expected in court as murder trial nears
2017/01/11   Ohio brother slaying case might return to juvenile court
2017/01/10   Gambia's leader says only court can declare who's president
2016/12/20   Court to unseal Clinton email search warrant
2016/12/16   Man who fired shots in DC pizza parlor expected in court
2016/12/06   Court: Star Chinese investor pleads guilty in stock case
2016/12/02   US Supreme Court could hear Charleston company, Lexmark case
2016/11/21   Election judge pleads not guilty in absentee ballot case
2016/11/04   UK court brings Brexit plans screeching to halt
2016/10/16   Court hearing on potential Ontario ban of Indians name, logo
2016/10/01   Supreme Court in holding pattern, awaiting ninth justice
2016/09/14   Court rules man treated for mental illness can have a gun
2016/08/24   Appeals court: Week of early voting shouldn't return to Ohio
2016/08/22   Differences aside, Supreme Court unites Trump, Senate GOP
2016/08/18   'Whitey' Bulger asks US Supreme Court to hear his appeal
2016/08/03   Indiana officer accused of shooting detective due in court
2016/07/22   Kansas court upholds death sentence for sheriff's killing
2016/07/07   Court orders release of Chicago police disciplinary records
2016/07/05   Senate confirms district court judge for New Jersey
2016/07/04   Obama rebukes Poland over paralysis of constitutional court
2016/06/09   Appeals court denies Hope Solo's bid to avoid trial
2016/06/02   Missouri Appeals Court to decide fight over frozen embryos
2016/05/31   Man admits kidnapping teen girl, raping her during captivity
2016/05/30   Egyptian court sentences 36 Islamists to life in prison
2016/05/23   US appeals court revisits Texas voter ID law
2016/05/21   Indiana court to hear woman's appeal of feticide conviction
2016/05/07   Florida's high court urged to throw out death sentences
2016/05/02   Court in Russia-annexed Crimea bans Tatar assembly
2016/04/13   Despite court ruling, China gay rights movement makes gains
2016/03/28   Supreme Court rejects Blagojevich appeal in corruption case
2016/03/23   Court gives green light to death penalty fast-tracking
2016/03/13   RNC launches campaign to oppose Obama's Supreme Court pick
2016/03/01   Top German court considers bid to outlaw far-right party
2016/02/10   Court to weigh cocaine cases, could alter sentencing in Ohio
2016/02/05   NY court agrees to rehear Ex-Goldman board member's appeal
2015/12/10   Supreme Court torn over Texas affirmative action program
2015/11/15   Ruling gives Sandusky back $4,900-a-month Penn State pension
2015/11/01   High court rejects ex-stockbroker's appeal in fraud case
2015/11/01   California appeals court rejects right-to-die lawsuit
2015/10/16   Court records: Ohio man on electronic monitor raped teen
2015/10/11   Quaid expected in Vermont court to face charge
2015/10/06   Familiar, divisive social issues on Supreme Court agenda
2015/09/17   Religious clerks in Kentucky follow law, but see conflict
2015/09/13   Appeals court weighs Justice deal to settle Iran charges
2015/09/07   Chile appeal court upholds convictions in Americans' killing
2015/09/03   Washington Supreme Court rules against
2015/09/01   Burkina Faso court rejects candidate of former ruling party
2015/07/29   Appeals court: Kansas abortion opponent must stand trial
2015/07/27   Appeals court upholds California's shark fin ban
2015/06/14   US appeals court upholds key parts of Texas abortion law
2015/05/15   Pandora loses to BMI in court hearing, vows to appeal
2014/01/20   Italian court hears final rebuttals in Knox trial
2013/10/04   NC court dumps speedway's suit over $80M deal
2013/06/11   Court: $1M coverage for Conn. fire victim families
2013/05/30   Probe of well-connected truck stop chain may widen
2013/03/25   Court backs student in textbook copyright case
2012/12/10   Fed. court orders resentencing in Arkansas bombing
2012/06/21   Use new drug sentencing law in crack cases
2012/06/14   Accused Auburn shooter in court on 3 murder counts
2012/06/09   Fort Hood shooter's beard stops court hearing
2012/05/18   Appeals court upholds key voting rights provision
2012/02/27   BP 'ready for long court battle over Gulf spill'
2012/02/24   Costner sculpture dispute heads to SD high court
2012/02/23   Court seems split on double jeopardy question
2012/02/02   Providence mayor warns of possible bankruptcy
2012/01/30   Robbins Geller Rudman Dowd LLP Files Class Action
2012/01/26   Hustler targeted for printing photos of dead woman
2012/01/25   In Vt., an attorney general's losses raise doubts
2012/01/18   Amazon Hit With Class Action Over Zappos Data Breach
2012/01/01   MT court restores corporate campaign spending ban
2011/12/31   Del. court says ex-HP CEO can't keep letter secret
2011/12/30   Appeals court upholds sentence of former deputy
2011/12/19   Operative gets prison for bilking NYC mayor
2011/12/19   Court schedules week of health care arguments
2011/12/11   Appeals court allows Albany hospital merger
2011/12/02   Farmers Insurance Settles Class Action Lawsuit
2011/11/21   Accused White House shooter to appear in DC court
2011/11/17   NY federal appeals court reverses Bruno conviction
2011/11/15   Justices unlikely to have last word on health care
2011/11/11   Govt asks justices to stay out of immigration case
2011/11/09   Calif high court hears debate over worker breaks
2011/11/03   Police investigate Texas judge over video beating
2011/10/24   Baker Donelson law firm acquires Houston practice
2011/10/24   Federman Sherwood Announces Class Action Lawsuit
2011/10/20   Senate rejects GOP effort on terrorist trials
2011/10/18   Top Europe court bans stem cell technique patents
2011/10/15   Court mulls trial in absentia for Hariri case
2011/10/11   FDIC backs ban on banks trading for own profit
2011/10/11   Kentucky man sues Facebook over tracking cookie
2011/10/05   European court rules against Soros in trading case
2011/10/03   High court appears to favor Ala. death row inmate
2011/10/03   Court refuses to hear Maryland gun case
2011/09/20   Idaho inmates settle lawsuit over prison violence
2011/09/06   Ex-Va attorney convicted in law firm embezzlement
2011/08/30   Court approves Harry and David reorganization plan
2011/08/30   BofA sued over $1.75 billion mortgage trust
2011/08/26   No choking charges for Wis. Supreme Court justice
2011/08/19   Former U.S. attorney Lampton dies at 60
2011/08/15   Tech blogger won't be charged in Apple iPhone case
2011/08/15   White House criticizes court's health care ruling
2011/08/10   Ariz. governor on deadline for immigration appeal
2011/08/01   Court upholds Chinese journalist's jail sentence
2011/07/26   Calif Supreme Court rules on illegal local taxes
2011/07/05   Bill revision could mean money for NJ drug company
2011/07/04   Mich. man sues, wants Chevron stock at '04 price
2011/07/03   Law school enrollment in Missouri lags as legal jobs dry up
2011/06/24   N.Y. governor signs gay marriage into law
2011/06/13   Court won't hear restitution claim in Ponzi case
2011/06/10   Toyota class action suit to start with Utah case
2011/06/07   Court: No shield law for message boards posters
2011/06/02   NJ mom accused of starving child pleads not guilty
2011/05/29   Court: Sex-offender list is not cruel punishment
2011/05/23   Not guilty plea entered for teen in NJ webcam case
2011/05/18   Ala. chief justice warns more court layoffs coming
2011/05/10   Court in Va. to hear US health care law challenges
2011/05/10   Pa. lawmaker faces hearing on gun-related charge
2011/05/09   Judge dismisses EA from NCAA antitrust lawsuit
2011/05/06   Court puts Carl Lewis back on NJ primary ballot
2011/05/03   NH Senate rejects changes to anti-bullying law
2011/05/02   Firm hired by GOP ends work on gay marriage ban
2011/05/02   Bachmann uses Holocaust to illustrate tax point
2011/05/02   Court sides with Wyoming in dispute with Montana
2011/04/28   Kan. House debates forcing lawsuit over casino
2011/04/28   US envoy says rights talks with China yield little
2011/04/06   2 charged with insider trading involving law firms
2011/02/23   Court turns down campaign disclosure challenge
2011/01/31   Reno court accepts deal for model in arch crash
2011/01/18   High court denies man's gun arrest appeal
2010/12/30   Mich. court ruling would nix water discharge plan
2010/11/28   Judge denies class action in cigarette lawsuits
2010/11/28   Ruling on Wal-Mart class-action case may have broader impact
2010/11/28   Conn. high court to hear immigrant benefits case
2010/11/27   Supreme Court: drugs can be forced on defendant
2010/11/02   WA voters say no to state income tax Initiative 1098
2010/10/07   Genzyme board rejects Sanofi $69-a-share offer
2010/08/03   Murder conviction of mom reversed in California
2010/07/12   Judicial Vacancies Slow the Wheels of Justice
2010/02/25   Law firm probes Skipton ceiling contract clause
2010/02/16   Montgomery law firm files suit against Toyota
2010/02/12   The money question: At many law firms, these prices are in-SANE!
2010/02/08   Private equity firms brace for tax battle
2010/01/31   First class-action lawsuit filed against Toyota
2009/12/28   Judge names Houston attorney to monitor company
2009/12/18   Ky. League of Cities audit goes to law enforcement
2009/10/26   NH judge refuses to dismiss poetry program lawsuit
2009/04/27   Judge waives waiting period for gay Iowa couple
2009/04/24   Judge in LA orders green card cases reopened
2009/04/21   US Supreme Court to rule on animal cruelty law
2009/02/26   Christian Boot Camp Accused of Abusing Kids
2009/02/20   Microsoft Dodges Class Action For Now
2009/01/26   FBI: Long Island investment firm boss surrenders
2009/01/05   Grocery Wholesaler in Federal Antitrust Action
2008/12/24   Court reinstates clean air rule during EPA fix
2008/11/23   Singapore rules Journal in contempt of court
2008/11/13   High court to rule when judges must bow out
2008/11/05   Court: Payday lending law violated constitution
2008/10/30   Alinghi, rivals call on BMW Oracle to drop lawsuit
2008/10/28   Hot-button social issues highlight state ballots
2008/08/28   Attorney Need Not Deliver Subpoenaed Transcript
2008/08/27   Citibank Stole From 53,000 Customers
2008/08/22   Court says Guantanamo documents should be released
2008/08/21   Urban League Challenges Illinois School Funding
2008/08/13   Steve Wynn Sues Soft-Core Porn King
2008/08/12   DuPont Loses Bid to Enforce Supply Contract
2008/08/11   DC Circuit dismisses Fannie Mae shareholder suit
2008/08/08   Texas executes second foreign national since ICJ order
2008/08/06   Female Football Player Claims Discrimination
2008/07/09   Anheuser-Bush Invokes Cuban Embargo To Fight Buyout
2008/07/08   Refco CEO Bennett Gets 16 Years
2008/07/03   DC police launch voluntary handgun search program
2008/06/20   Federal court issues stay in SC execution
2008/06/09   FTC Appeals D.C. Circuit Order In Rambus Case
2008/06/02   Hungarian Gypsies Lose Bid For Asylum In U.S.
2008/05/28   Harry Potter The Librarian's Lawsuit
2008/05/07   Monopoly Alleged In Crane Certification
2008/05/06   Texas Judge Sets Execution for Mexican National
2008/05/02   Illegal Imimrants Sue Employer, Employer Sues Back
2008/04/23   Officers Denied Immunity For Arresting Protester
2008/04/22   Federal judge dismisses Katrina fraud claim
2008/04/10   Class Says Blockbuster Invades Privacy
2008/04/09   Two Attorneys Emerge in Detroit Mayor Case
2008/04/09   Discovery Across Borders
2008/04/07   Appeals court may let NSA lawsuits proceed
2008/04/04   Climate Work Heating Up at Law Firms
2008/04/03   Justices Weigh Definitions of Competency
2008/04/01   Expert Testimony Issues on the Rise
2008/03/28   DOJ to Continue Crackdown on Political Corruption
2008/03/27   Nebraska legislature rejects death penalty ban
2008/03/26   SEC Proposes Naked Short Selling Anti-Fraud Rule
2008/03/19   Cyclist Landis Appeals Arbitration Court Ruling
2008/03/14   Jackson Lawyer: Neverland Auction Off
2008/03/13   NewsScandal-hit Spitzer faces wait for law firm role
2008/03/09   MobiTV, HowardForums avoid legal skirmish
2008/03/07   Judge KOs Challenge to Internet Bet Law
2008/03/07   Bush: 'US Must Not Let Down Its Guard'
2008/03/06   Judge Wants to Resolve Indian Lands Case
2008/03/05   Swiss Bank Drops Wikileaks Lawsuit
2008/03/05   Judge Wants Shipwreck Evidence Worked On
2008/03/04   Lawsuit Dropped in Pain Doctor Case
2008/03/04   Ciolli Sues Yale Law Students in AutoAdmit Scandal
2008/03/03   Lawyer in Bribery Case Says Witness Lied
2008/03/03   Supreme Court May Re-examine What Is Indecent
2008/03/03   Court may opt to pay fees from Bible suit
2008/02/28   eBay Settles Patent Dispute With MercExchange
2008/02/27   Court Denies Altria Motions To Dimiss Claims
2008/02/25   A Law Firm Puts Its Chefs on Trial
2008/02/25   Former partner suing Dorsey Whitney law firm
2008/02/25   Supreme Court to hear car search, tribal land cases

Wisconsin Supreme Court primary will leave just two
Topics | 2018/02/09 15:28
The latest battle over the ideological balance of the Wisconsin Supreme Court plays out in the Feb. 20 primary, where one of three candidates will be eliminated a head of a spring election.

Partisan politics have weighed heavy over weeks of campaigning. Madison attorney Tim Burns has most embraced his liberal beliefs, while Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Rebecca Dallet sought to appear as a moderate. Sauk County Circuit Judge Michael Screnock, an appointee of Republican Gov. Scott Walker, has the backing of conservatives.

The primary is the first statewide race this year, and while officially nonpartisan, it could be a bellwether for how Republicans and Democrats stand heading into the fall. Turnout is expected to be low, likely less than 10 percent.

The top two vote-getters advance to the April 3 general election, with the winner replacing outgoing conservative Justice Michael Gableman. He decided against seeking another 10-year term.

The court is currently controlled 5-2 by conservatives, so no matter who wins the ideological control will not change. Burns, who represents clients nationwide in lawsuits against insurance companies, is the only non-judge in the race. He also has little experience litigating in Wisconsin courtrooms, having argued only one case in state court and six in federal court in Wisconsin.

Burns argues his experience outside of Wisconsin is a strength that will help him fix what he views as a broken system. And, he argues a victory for him will energize liberals across the state headed into the fall.

Dallet argues that Burns has gotten too political. But she's walking a fine line trying to win over many of the same liberal voters Burns is appealing to. She ran a commercial attacking Trump and has criticized the current Supreme Court for voting in 2015 to end an investigation into Walker and conservatives.

Court seems to favor death row inmate in dispute with lawyer
Topics | 2018/01/30 09:41
The Supreme Court seems ready to say that a lawyer for a criminal defendant cannot override his client's wish and concede his guilt at trial, even if the lawyer's aim is to avoid a death sentence.

The court on Wednesday dived into the case of Louisiana death row inmate Robert McCoy. He repeatedly objected to his lawyer's decision to acknowledge that McCoy killed the son, mother and step-father of his estranged wife in 2008.

Lawyer Larry English has said the evidence against McCoy was overwhelming and that the only way to keep McCoy off death row was to beg for mercy. In the end, the strategy failed and a jury sentenced McCoy to death. If he wins at the Supreme Court, he could get a new trial.

Supreme Court won't take case of ex-NY assembly speaker

The Supreme Court has cleared the way for a re-trial of ex-New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

The high court declined Tuesday to get involved in the case. That allows for a re-trial tentatively set for April to proceed.

Silver was sentenced to 12 years in prison after he was convicted of public corruption charges in late 2015. But the U.S. court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit overturned that conviction last year and sent the case back to the trial court.

The appeals court said that the trial judge would need to instruct jurors on the law in a different manner to conform with a 2016 Supreme Court decision that reversed the public corruption conviction of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell.

Malaysia's top court annuls unilateral conversions of minors
Topics | 2018/01/26 09:40
Malaysia's top court in a landmark decision says both parents must consent to the religious conversion of a minor, ruling in favor of a Hindu woman whose ex-husband converted their three children to Islam.

M.Indira Gandhi became caught in a high-profile dispute after her former husband became a Muslim and converted their three children without telling her in 2009. He also snatched their daughter, then 11 months old, from the family home.

Malaysia has a dual court system, secular and religious. Gandhi challenged her children's conversions through the civil courts.

The Court of Appeal ruled that civil courts had no jurisdiction over Islamic conversions, but that decision was appealed to the nation's highest court.

The Federal Court on Monday annulled the children's conversions as they were done without Gandhi's consent.

Judge Rejects Request for New Vote in Virginia House Race
Topics | 2018/01/04 22:54
A federal judge on Friday rejected a request for a new election that might have forced a 50-50 split in Virginia's House of Delegates, calling ballot mistakes cited by Democrats a "garden-variety" problem that doesn't merit federal intervention.

Democrats had hoped a new election in the 28th District would provide an opportunity for an even split in the chamber, which is now on track to be controlled by a 51-49 GOP majority.

Democrats cited state election officials who said 147 voters received the wrong ballot before Republican Bob Thomas beat Democrat Joshua Cole by only 73 votes.

It is the second defeat in as many days for Democrats. On Thursday, election officials broke a tie vote in another House district by drawing names from a bowl, and picking the Republican.

It is the second time Ellis has rejected a request to intervene in the race. Last month he rejected a request to issue a temporary restraining order that would have barred state elections officials from certifying Thomas as the winner. In both rulings, Ellis said he was leery of interjecting federal courts into a state elections process.

S Carolina Rep. Quinn pleads guilty to corruption charge
Topics | 2017/12/13 09:44
South Carolina Rep. Rick Quinn Jr. pleaded guilty to corruption charges Wednesday, becoming the third Republican lawmaker convicted in a wide-ranging Statehouse corruption probe.

Prosecutors said they will ask for prison time for the 52-year-old former House Majority leader. Quinn faces up to a year behind bars on a charge of misconduct in office. The other two lawmakers who have pleaded guilty in the investigation have received probation.

Quinn planned to plead guilty to one count of misdemeanor misconduct in office, prosecutor David Pascoe said as Wednesday's hearing started. Pascoe agreed to drop a second charge.

Quinn broke the law by taking $4 million in unreported money from lobbyists, Pascoe said. "It wasn't about service to the people, it was about service to his pocketbook," Pascoe said.

As part of the deal, Pascoe also agreed to drop corruption charges against Quinn's Republican consultant father Richard Quinn Sr., but he must testify before a grand jury that continues to investigate legislators and others and fully cooperate with the State Law Enforcement Division. Quinn has dozens of high-powered clients in the state, including U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham and Attorney General Alan Wilson.

The consulting business, First Impressions, is also pleading guilty to not registering as a lobbyist and will pay a fine. Quinn resigned an hour before the hearing. He called his 21 years in the South Carolina House "one of the greatest honors of my life" in a letter to House Speaker Jay Lucas.

Supreme Court refuses to hear Kentucky foster care case
Topics | 2017/10/13 12:19
The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear a case involving a growing number of Kentucky relatives providing free foster care for children.

The result is that Kentucky must begin paying those relatives the same as they do licensed foster families, news outlets report.

The nation's high court on Tuesday refused to hear an appeal from the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services. The cabinet was seeking to overturn a ruling earlier this year by the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that said the state must pay relatives who take in foster children.

The case revolved around a lawsuit filed by Lexington lawyer Richard Dawahare on behalf of a great-aunt who took in two young boys but was denied foster payments from the state.

"We have won, our clients have won and it's a big deal," Dawahare said. "Right now, the relatives are entitled and they need to make their claim."

A cabinet spokesman didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

The news will be celebrated by many relatives across Kentucky caring for children but not eligible for daily payments even as licensed foster parents are paid a base rate of about $25 a day or $750 a month.

Among them is Kimberly Guffy of Russellville, Kentucky, who said she and her husband have been caring for two small grandchildren for more than three years with no foster care help from the cabinet.

"The days of the cabinet's reliance on relatives to balance its budget are over," she told The Courier-Journal.

Guffy said she didn't hesitate to take in the children, one a newborn and the other a 16-month-old, but it has been a struggle, especially for the first year when child care costs reached $10,000.

The cabinet has since agreed to assist with child care costs but refused foster payments. Social workers at one point told her that if the family couldn't afford to care for the children, they would be placed in a foster home.

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