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2018/02/05   Greek court postpones decision in Turkish extradition case
2018/02/03   Court: Lawsuit alleging coerced confessions can go to trial
2018/02/02   Samsung heir freed after appeal wins suspended jail term
2018/01/23   Pennsylvania GOP take gerrymandering case to US high court
2018/01/19   Court rules that Kushner firm must disclose partners' names
2018/01/18   Court halts execution of Alabama inmate with dementia
2018/01/16   Hong Kong court to rule later on 3 activists' prison terms
2018/01/14   Supreme Court to hear sales tax collection case
2018/01/11   Doctor charged in wife's death moved after threat to him
2018/01/08   Jailed Catalan separatists pledge to eschew unilateral moves
2018/01/02   North Carolina's altered legislative districts back in court
2017/12/22   Court extends halt in Louisiana executions after judge dies
2017/12/18   State high court won't hear Mateen Cleaves sex assault case
2017/12/08   Supreme Court declines gay rights work discrimination case
2017/12/04   Supreme Court won't hear dispute involving NC TV network
2017/11/17   German Court: Kuwait Airways Can Refuse Israeli Passengers
2017/11/11   Trump choosing white men as judges, highest rate in decades
2017/11/04   'Dirty soda' Utah court battle ends with legal settlement
2017/11/01   Connecticut Governor Will Get His 6th Supreme Court Pick
2017/10/26   Court gives government a win in young immigrants' cases
2017/10/16   Businesses ask Supreme Court to take gay rights case
2017/10/12   Indiana courts see changes with new e-filing system
2017/10/03   European Court Asked to Rule on Facebook Data Transfers
2017/09/20   Egypt court orders detention of 24 minority Nubians 15 days
2017/09/16   FBI Searched Ex-Oklahoma Senator's Office for Porn
2017/09/13   Man charged in slayings of 2 doctors 'just nervous' in court
2017/09/04   Palestinian court extends activist's detention by 4 days
2017/08/24   Supreme Court Overturns Billings Police Back-Pay Ruling
2017/08/21   Court file: Michigan girl who killed toddler heard voices
2017/08/15   Former Pakistan PM challenges disqualification by court
2017/08/05   Ronaldo tells judge he has 'never tried to avoid taxes'
2017/08/05   Spanish court backs extradition of Russian programmer to US
2017/07/29   Texas Executes TaiChin Preyor, Who Said Lawyer Used Wikipedia
2017/07/25   Australian court debates release of Queen's secret letters
2017/07/20   Idaho Supreme Court upholds grocery tax veto
2017/07/11   Rob Kardashian's ex-fiancee arrives at court for hearing
2017/07/11   Supreme Court deadline nears for suit over wetland loss
2017/07/10   Relatives of Slain US Troops Describe Loss to Jordan Court
2017/07/04   Appeals court backs Jimmy John's franchisee in labor dispute
2017/06/29   Mississippi man takes Confederate flag fight to high court
2017/06/28   Attention on Supreme Court as justice weigh Trump travel ban
2017/06/27   D.C. on edge: rumors of new Supreme Court vacancy swirl
2017/06/24   EU Court: Vaccines Can Be Blamed for Illnesses Without Proof
2017/06/15   Idaho Supreme Court to hear veto challenge arguments
2017/06/14   Groups sue seeking court oversight of Chicago police reforms
2017/06/13   Court filing: Marsh seeks OK to sell 26 grocery stores
2017/06/10   Fraternity brothers due in court in pledge's fatal fall
2017/06/08   Court: Ohio E-School Can't Delay Repayment of $60M to State
2017/06/07   Court to hear challenge to speed up California executions
2017/06/03   Mom sentenced in Australian court for drowning 3 children
2017/06/03   Court filing questions innocence panel insistence on secrecy
2017/06/01   Doctor arrested at Trump hotel on gun charges due in court
2017/06/01   Trump admin asks Supreme Court to restore travel ban
2017/06/01   East Timor court drops premier's libel case against media
2017/05/22   Puerto Rico seeks court's help to save public pension system
2017/05/16   Court likely to question if Trump's travel ban discriminates
2017/05/15   High court could soon signal view on Trump immigration plans
2017/05/11   Judge rejects effort to block Confederate statue's removal
2017/05/04   Supreme Court says cities can sue banks under anti-bias law
2017/05/01   Idaho Judicial Council accepting applications for high court
2017/04/29   Judge W. Brent Powell Appointed to Missouri Supreme Court
2017/04/28   Volunteers accompany US immigrants to court to allay fears
2017/04/20   Not guilty pleas entered for accused in Canada polygamy case
2017/04/14   2 inmates seek execution stays from Arkansas high court
2017/04/11   Newest justice joins high court amid competing caricatures
2017/04/10   Senate GOP 'goes nuclear,' clearing way for Trump court pick
2017/04/01   S Korea's Park questioned at court hearing on arrest request
2017/04/01   Political fights over Supreme Court seats nothing new
2017/03/30   Dems force 1-week delay on panel vote on Supreme Court pick
2017/03/22   International court orders reparations for Congo attack
2017/03/06   Immigration courts: record number of cases, many problems
2017/03/05   Court officer investigated for photographing lawyer's notes
2017/03/02   High court ruling could reshape Virginia political map
2017/02/26   Florida Legislature at "Open War" with State Supreme Court
2017/02/22   Serbs warn Bosnian Muslim bid at UN court revives old wounds
2017/02/20   German court excludes Jewish brothers from Auschwitz trial
2017/02/13   Supreme Court nominee has defended free speech, religion
2017/02/10   Court upholds guilty verdict for Russian opposition leader
2017/01/27   Court appeals temporarily delay Texas execution
2017/01/26   Driver due in court in Cleveland officer's hit-and-run death
2017/01/24   Kyrgyz court confirms life sentence for journalist
2017/01/22   Ethics measure backers ask high court to let them join case
2017/01/20   Court ponders mass murderer Breivik's prison conditions
2017/01/17   Man accused of killing Orlando officer defiant in court
2017/01/11   Supreme Court temporarily blocks new NC districts, elections
2017/01/05   Supreme Court rejects appeal from flight-sharing company
2017/01/05   Airport shooting suspect due for Florida court appearance
2017/01/03   South Korean executives jailed for humidifier cleaner deaths
2017/01/01   Former Haitian rebel leader due in US court on drug charges
2016/12/21   California Supreme Court halts death penalty measure
2016/12/20   High court turns away appeal from former AIG executives
2016/12/18   Dems to use hearings on Trump picks to court working class
2016/12/17   Kansas Supreme Court to hear death row inmate's appeal
2016/12/06   Muslim cleric is in US court fighting against deportation
2016/12/01   Ohio sheriff accused of drug theft changing not guilty plea
2016/11/21   Ohio sheriff accused of drug theft changing not guilty plea
2016/11/20   Philippine court urged to order Marcos' remains exhumed
2016/10/17   Lithuania wants Gorbachev to testify in war crimes trial
2016/10/14   Court enters default judgment in Kansas voting rights case
2016/10/13   Court fight over Ohio executions likely to focus on sedative
2016/10/06   Hawaii Supreme Court affirms Maui solar telescope permit
2016/09/26   Court asks judges to respond to Louisiana sheriff's claims
2016/09/14   LA Supreme Court considers teen robber’s 99-year sentence
2016/08/23   Court considers Kansas rule that voters prove citizenship
2016/08/19   Polish prosecutors investigate court head for abuse of power
2016/08/14   Appeals court rejects request to postpone voter ID decision
2016/08/13   Ex-officer charged in death of black motorist back in court
2016/07/19   Family files lawsuit against hospital and city in death
2016/07/15   Lawyer: Clinton already answered every question on email use
2016/07/12   Court denies hospital's bid to perform brain death test
2016/07/12   Kyrgyzstan sends case of jailed journalist back to court
2016/07/11   Candidate filing begins Monday for appeals court seat
2016/06/14   Court upholds net neutrality rules on equal internet access
2016/06/13   Court Vacates $1.8M Ventura Award in 'American Sniper' Case
2016/06/08   High court rejects Google's appeal in class action lawsuit
2016/06/05   NY court: Case against ex-AIG execs can continue
2016/06/04   Police union defends ex-officer in black musician's death
2016/05/31   High court sides with property owners in wetlands case
2016/05/11   Planned Parenthood shooting defendant returning to court
2016/05/10   Kansas Supreme Court reviews lawmakers' school aid changes
2016/05/08   Court: Slipknot bassist's child born after he died can sue
2016/04/16   Court sides with Argentina, speeding along bond settlements
2016/04/14   Supreme Court to swear in large group of deaf lawyers
2016/04/12   US House staffers subpoenaed by federal court
2016/03/28   Clinton: Americans should put Court nomination at forefront
2016/03/24   Karadzic convicted of genocide, sentenced to 40 years
2016/03/21   Supreme Court rejects states' challenge to Colorado pot law
2016/03/21   Supreme Court will hear Samsung-Apple patent dispute
2016/03/18   Man accused of terrorism charge with fiancee pleads guilty
2016/03/17   Lawyer: US citizen charged in UN case to plead guilty
2016/02/01   Ex-Attorney General McGraw files for Supreme Court race
2015/12/23   Court turns down appeal for Harvey family killer
2015/12/15   Columbus County lawyer enters pleas on obstruction charges
2015/12/13   Mexico issues first permits for marijuana under court ruling
2015/11/18   Texas man executed for setting fire that killed 3 children
2015/11/05   Kansas Supreme Court to take up school funding case
2015/11/03   Supreme Court troubled by DA's rejection of black jurors
2015/11/02   High court won't hear appeal on mortgage ratings
2015/10/15   Thousands turn up at court to support Catalan leader
2015/10/07   Virginia executes serial killer who claimed to be disabled
2015/09/18   Appeals court upholds injunction halting health mandate
2015/09/15   Ohio court: Wording of pot legalization ballot is misleading
2015/09/11   Appeals court upholds convictions in Ohio slavery case
2015/09/05   Court: Transgender asylum seekers can't be equated with gays
2015/09/02   Alaska Supreme Court won't block Medicaid expansion
2015/09/01   Court cuts prison sentence for Memphis 'sovereign citizen'
2015/08/19   Ex-Gov. Blagojevich to ask Supreme Court to hear case
2015/08/13   Federal court: Anti-Muslim group can't post ads on buses
2015/08/12   Appeals court won't reconsider ex-Virginia governor's case
2015/08/06   Court: Lawsuit over Arkansas killing by cop may proceed
2015/08/04   Republicans reject governor's pick for Va. Supreme Court
2015/07/25   Appeals court revives challenge to consumer age
2015/07/18   Court Halts Execution Of Tyler Woman's Killer
2015/07/08   Appeals court upholds parts of Arizona ethnic studies ban
2015/06/24   Dispute over union fees could return to Supreme Court
2015/06/15   600 court cases under review in California corruption probe
2015/06/12   Court says net neutrality rules will go into effect Friday
2015/06/04   Supreme Court to hear Texas Senate districts case
2015/06/01   Suge Knight returns to court to try to dismiss murder case
2015/05/17   Court: State can’t order unions, companies to reach binding contracts
2015/05/15   Attorney: Court orders release of anti-nuclear activists
2015/04/23   Arizona sheriff shifts blame over disobeying court order
2015/04/23   California court ruling could limit drought fighting tools
2015/04/15   Man kills his lawyer, judge, co-defendant in Milan court
2015/03/11   Attorney John Q. Kelly
2015/01/08   Nebraska court could hold up Keystone pipeline
2015/01/05   Suspect in trooper shooting case heads to court
2015/01/05   Argentine court says US fugitive can be extradited
2014/11/21   Indian guru in deadly standoff due in court
2014/10/27   Washington high court to hear charter schools case
2014/09/29   Court-martial for Missouri drill sergeant resumes
2014/07/21   2 ag-gag laws facing federal court challenges
2014/07/15   Court kills New Jersey bid to block ocean blasting
2014/04/29   Court declines to hear Microsoft antitrust case
2014/04/15   SC Supreme Court hears appeal in fatal dog attack
2014/04/03   The Law Offices of Tenecia P. Reid, PLLC
2014/03/28   Qatari court sentences US couple to 3 years jail
2014/03/14   High Court battle over Richard III's remains
2014/03/05   Court: Broad protection for whistleblowers
2013/11/04   Court-martial date set in Naval Academy case
2013/07/02   Adoption case returns to SC from US Supreme Court
2013/06/13   Court says human genes cannot be patented
2013/06/03   Court: Police can take DNA swabs from arrestees
2013/05/31   Court: Calif. erred in new lethal injection regs
2013/05/29   Chicago man pleads guilty in NY hacking case
2013/04/12   Top prosecutor in Del Norte County suspended
2013/04/02   Court: EPA can stop some power plant modifications
2013/03/25   Proposal would charge $10 to search court records
2013/02/15   Oklahoma considers foreign law court ban
2012/10/24   Chile OK's extradition bid for ex-US Navy officer
2012/10/12   Feds seek full court review of cigarette warnings
2012/10/06   High court begins new term with human rights case
2012/08/22   Court upholds summary for St. Louis police measure
2012/08/15   Judge won't halt Pa. voter identification law
2012/08/03   Gay marriage ban backers seek Supreme Court review
2012/07/20   Tenn. court says convicted killer can keep money
2012/07/06   NY court: Gay marriage caucus didn't break rules
2012/07/06   Cal Supreme Court rules in child death case
2012/07/03   La. high court upholds murder conviction
2012/06/15   Massive LA County court layoffs to begin Friday
2012/06/09   Powerbroker tied to Nevada Sen. Reid goes to court
2012/05/24   Court: Families cannot sue over loan discount fee
2012/05/19   Md. highest court recognizes same-sex divorce
2012/05/18   Texas high court orders state to pay ex-inmate $2M
2012/04/30   Ferrero sets aside $3 million for Nutella U.S. class action
2012/03/03   Calif. jury awards $167M in sexual harassment suit
2012/02/28   British arms-to-Iran suspect faces Texas court
2012/02/27   Supreme Court 101 in session at high court
2012/02/25   Court: California can force inmates to submit DNA
2012/02/17   Teen pleads not guilty in Ohio Craigslist killings
2012/02/15   Cisco challenges Microsoft takeover of Skype in EU
2012/02/10   High court asked to undo Mont. campaign money ban
2012/02/09   Appeals court halts deportation of 7 immigrants
2012/02/03   Appeals court set to hear Alabama trademark suit
2012/01/30   Former UBS trader pleads not guilty in UK court
2012/01/27   NY court: Judge can't block $18B Chevron judgment
2012/01/23   US army panel advises trial in Afghanistan suicide
2012/01/20   Police witnesses called in fake 'Rockefeller' case
2012/01/16   Court Upholds Burlington Man's Murder Conviction
2012/01/10   High Court Rejects Prisoner Lawsuit
2012/01/03   Ecuador court upholds ruling against Chevron
2011/12/27   Riders stuck on snow-trapped train sue NY agency
2011/12/24   Supreme Court says Manchester property tax data private
2011/12/21   Mentally disabled detainees granted class status
2011/12/20   NY top court allows private securities claims
2011/12/12   High court halts new Texas electoral maps
2011/12/05   Court: State prisoners count at home in redistricting
2011/11/28   Federal Court of Canada Certifies Class Action
2011/11/23   Defendant in $670M scam enters guilty plea in Va.
2011/11/21   Courts weighs scrapping huge California water pact
2011/11/13   Russia court rejects $16 billion claim against BP
2011/11/10   Court likely to overturn Calif. law on livestock
2011/11/09   Court upholds conviction in Pa. murder case
2011/10/29   Appeals court overturns key Cape Wind clearance
2011/10/14   NY motorist pleads not guilty in fatal Amish crash
2011/10/14   No class-action status in Countrywide case
2011/10/11   High court to decide double jeopardy question
2011/10/11   Utah bank sued over overdraft fees, policies
2011/10/03   Mass. man charged in terror plot pleads not guilty
2011/09/26   Appeals court hears challenge to health care law
2011/09/22   Court rules that UBS trader should stay in custody
2011/09/21   Appeals court in Va. tosses 2 Abu Ghraib lawsuits
2011/09/20   Kona coffee dispute prompts class-action lawsuit
2011/09/19   Va. high court considers ex-King confidant's case
2011/09/18   1 spank isn't domestic violence, Fla. court says
2011/09/15   Appeals court upholds sentence in Ponzi scheme
2011/09/01   Colombia court reinstates conviction in Galan hit
2011/08/24   Court asked to stop immigrant license checks
2011/08/18   EEOC sues, argues man on treatment should be hired
2011/08/12   Dougherty siblings to appear in Colorado court
2011/08/10   Wash. man pleads guilty to defrauding ID investors
2011/08/08   No class-action for suits over Calif. fish kill
2011/08/08   Court rules firing of NJ casino dealer unlawful
2011/08/02   Jury deliberates in post-Katrina shootings trial
2011/08/01   NJ high court to rule in case of retired judge
2011/07/25   Judge wants agency to investigate Meijer lawyer
2011/07/20   Court reverses conviction on online Obama threat
2011/07/20   Ex-CEO convicted in scam at auto-chemical company
2011/07/06   Defendant in 4 Calif. killings now wants lawyer
2011/06/27   Citigroup ex-VP arrested in NYC on fraud charges
2011/06/20   Woman pleads guilty in border cash smuggling case
2011/06/12   Texas teachers may get student criminal histories
2011/06/10   Pa. appeals court upholds $188M Wal-Mart verdict
2011/06/10   US appeals court overturns release of detainee
2011/06/07   Lawyer: Baseline Killer suspect a 'ravenous wolf'
2011/06/06   Ex-IMF leader pleads not guilty to sex assault
2011/05/27   Appeals court upholds sentence in NC bus stop case
2011/05/23   Attorneys to give openings in Mumbai terror case
2011/05/23   Ohio couple pleads guilty in terror funding case
2011/05/19   Mack Trucks, Volvo to pay $525M to settle suit
2011/05/17   Minn. court: Defendant may withdraw guilty plea
2011/05/13   Hedge fund founder convicted in inside-trade case
2011/05/09   Delaware pediatrician waives right to jury trial
2011/04/28   Court close to seating Blagojevich jury
2011/04/18   Treasury risks overpaying law firms
2011/04/18   Judge Considers $30M Dairy Antitrust Settlement
2011/04/18   Court denies appeal over inmate's long sentence
2011/04/10   Court ruling could mean NJ budget scramble
2011/04/06   Split over union law reaches Wis. court race
2011/04/06   Louisiana to get $12M in Health Net case
2011/04/02   Blockbuster showdown coming today in bankruptcy court
2011/03/24   Court nixes new rape trial in dispute over poem
2011/03/24   Oregon appeals court: Teeth not dangerous weapon
2011/03/11   Ex-judge Camp sentenced to 30 days in prison
2011/03/11   Court blames LA County for ocean pollution
2011/03/01   Ex-NY state Sen. Dem. leader due in court .
2011/02/24   Ohio defendant called about drug money from jail
2011/02/24   man charged in NY infant snatching due in court
2011/02/24   Lake County, Indiana cutting free lunches to jurors
2011/02/10   JPMorgan says it did nothing wrong in Madoff fraud
2011/01/12   Judge approves $179M settlement for AK Steel retirees
2010/12/19   Lawyer for disgraced celebrity adviser is arrested
2010/11/02   Idaho Supreme Court lifts hold on refinery haul
2010/08/30   Thousands sign on for $10 billion BP suit
2010/05/17   Appeals court grants Dish rare review of TiVo case
2010/05/10   Oprah Winfrey’s company targets Boston law firm in suit
2010/05/03   Brit on Texas death row loses high court appeal
2010/04/14   Wichita Bookkeeper Sentenced For Embezzling
2009/12/24   6 accused in Mass. mortgage scheme
2009/12/24   Teen charged with starting 2 California wildfires
2009/12/22   Judge denies jury strikes motion in abortion case
2009/11/30   La Salle settles injured player's lawsuit
2009/11/09   Domain Auction Site Faces Shill Bidding Lawsuit
2009/10/05   Securities Class Action Trial Starts This Week Against Vivendi
2009/09/21   Dannon Settles Activia Lawsuit
2009/05/07   Demjanjuk appeals German court decision
2009/03/19   Gilman Pastor File Class Action vs. Chinese Drywall
2009/02/02   Wrongful Death Suit Filed Against Peanut Corp.
2009/01/02   Judge Upholds Detention of Two Gitmo Detainees
2008/12/23   Alamo seeks removal of religious language in suit
2008/12/03   Justices chide California-based appeals court
2008/11/17   Paralyzed Calif. man loses high court appeal
2008/11/04   Supreme Court wrestles with TV profanity case
2008/10/27   Chicago torture victims face uphill legal battle
2008/10/08   Ohio top court mulls Planned Parenthood files
2008/10/07   High court could block 'light' cigarettes lawsuit
2008/09/09   J.K. Rowling Smites Copyright Violator
2008/08/20   Ninth Circuit rules on 'no-fly' list
2008/08/18   Second Circuit Protects Plaintiff's Anonymity
2008/08/15   9th Circ. upholds denial of Oregon domestic partnership
2008/08/05   Inmate Says He's Too Fat for Lethal Injection
2008/07/28   Comedian Says Heckler's Lawsuit Isn't Funny
2008/06/22   Court will review $2.8 million award to Iranian
2008/05/23   Court Nixes Dog-Killing Deputy's Job Transfer
2008/05/08   Taser Stuns Coroners with Win in Autopsy Reports Case
2008/04/29   9th Circuit Resurrects School Bible Club Lawsuit
2008/03/20   Appeals Court Rules Against Qualcomm
2008/03/19   Supreme Court to Hear Indecency Case
2008/03/17   Court Accepts Crime Lab Case
2008/03/17   CNet to Appeal Court's Bylaw Ruling
2008/03/12   Verdict upheld for Valley law firm suing over fees
2008/03/08   Saddam Kickbacks Earn Oil Exec Prison
2008/03/07   U.S. treasure firm ordered to identify disputed wreck
2008/03/06   Court of Appeals weighs scope of extortion law
2008/03/06   Gault Pleads Guilty; Facing 50 Years In Prison
2008/03/05   US Court Denies Injunction Sought by Verigy
2008/03/05   Judge Wants Shipwreck Evidence Worked On
2008/03/04   Judge accepts plea deal in Cody Warren's death
2008/03/03   Yanez beats Criss in Texas Supreme Court primary
2008/03/03   Suspect in Ivy League ID Theft in Court
2008/03/02   A Selection of Breyer's Hypotheticals

Greek court postpones decision in Turkish extradition case
Court Watch | 2018/02/05 23:28
A Greek court postponed ruling Tuesday on a Turkish extradition request for the second of nine Turkish citizens alleged to be left-wing militants and arrested in November, days before an Athens visit by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Naci Ozpolat, 48, a Turkish citizen of Kurdish origin, is wanted by Turkey on charges of assisting a terrorist organization. He attended the hearing the court ended up adjourning until March 6, saying it needed more information from Turkey.

The nine suspects were arrested for alleged links to the Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front, which Turkey, the United States and the European Union have deemed a terrorist organization.

Turkey has charged them with terrorism-related offenses, forgery, arms and explosives possession and resisting arrest. All deny the charges.

A Greek court last week rejected a similar extradition request for the first of the nine on grounds he had been granted refugee status in France. The court said he was at risk of facing torture or other inhumane treatment if he were returned to Turkey.

Court: Lawsuit alleging coerced confessions can go to trial
Court Watch | 2018/02/03 23:28
A lawsuit that accuses Evansville police officers of violating three teenagers' constitutional rights by coercing confessions in the killing of a homeless man can proceed to trial, a federal appeals court has ruled.

A panel of the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed there's enough evidence that officers deliberately coerced confessions from siblings William and Deadra Hurt in the death of 54-year-old Marcus Golike to warrant a civil trial.

"False confessions are a real problem ...," the judges wrote in their opinion, which describes the issue of whether police tactics are enough to make confessions involuntary "the ultimate legal question," The Evansville Courier & Press reported .

The suit filed in 2014 on behalf of William, Deadra and Andrea Hurt and their mother, Debbie Hurt, accuses detectives of threatening the teenagers, feeding them facts to coerce confessions and then ignoring evidence disproving those statements, and even manufacturing some evidence.

William Hurt was 18, Deadra Hurt 19 and Andrea Hurt 16 at the time of their arrests in the June 2012 killing of Golike, who was beaten, strangled and dumped in the Ohio River. Another teenager who was also arrested is not a party to the suit.

All charges in the case were ultimately dismissed against everyone but William Hurt, who refused a plea deal. A jury acquitted him of murder in February 2013.

Police began focusing on the teenagers after learning that Golike had visited the Hurt family before his death.

The suit's defendants include the city of Evansville, its police department, four city police detectives and their three supervisors at the time, one of whom is now deceased. The suit also names two Kentucky State Police detectives who were involved because Golike's body was found in their jurisdiction.

"At this juncture, the court has to take the facts in the light most favorable to the plaintiff, and then there is an issue for a jury or a judge to decide," said Keith Vonderahe, who's one of several attorneys representing the Evansville officers.

Samsung heir freed after appeal wins suspended jail term
Court Watch | 2018/02/02 23:28
Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong was freed Monday after a South Korean appeals court gave him a 2 ½-year suspended jail sentence for corruption in connection with a scandal that toppled the country's president.

The Seoul High Court softened the original ruling against Lee, rejecting most of the bribery charges leveled against Lee by prosecutors who sought a 12-year prison term.

While the ruling clears the way for the Samsung vice chairman to resume his role at the helm of the industrial giant founded by his grandfather after a year in prison, he faces a slew of challenges outside prison.

Chief among them will be winning trust that he is capable of running South Korea's biggest company, and assuaging public anger among those who viewed the court's surprise decision as a setback in the war on corruptions.

"The past year was a precious time for personal reflection," Lee told reporters waiting outside the gates of a detention center in southern Seoul.

Lee's first stop from the prison was a Samsung hospital where his father has been hospitalized after suffering a heart attack in 2014.

Lee was charged with offering $38 million in bribes to former President Park Geun-hye and her confidant Choi Soon-sil, embezzling Samsung funds, hiding assets overseas, concealing proceeds from criminal activities and perjury.

The appeals court said Lee was unable to reject the then-president's request to financially support her confidante and was coerced into making the payments. The court still found Lee guilty of giving 3.6 billion won ($3.3 million) in bribes for equestrian training of Choi's daughter and of embezzling the money from Samsung funds.

Lee's lawyer, Lee Injae, told reporters that the Samsung vice chairman still plans to appeal his conviction. Prosecutors also were expected to appeal the court's ruling, making it almost certain the case will go to the Supreme Court.

Lee, 49 and the only son of Samsung's ailing chairman, was given a five-year prison term in August on bribery and other charges linked to a political scandal that took down former South Korean President Park Geun-hye.

Lee has pleaded not guilty to charges he used Samsung corporate funds to bribe Park and a confidante, seeking to consolidate his control over Samsung and facilitate a smooth transfer of corporate leadership from his father. The appeals court rejected the lower court's view that corporate succession was one of the issues at stake.

Many South Koreans were expecting a tough stance from the appeals court and took to social media and online news portals to vent their anger at the ruling and the judge who issued the verdict.

"Republic of Samsung" and the name of the judge who handed down Monday's verdict were among the top trending words on Twitter in Korean.

The earlier ruling against Lee was seen as a departure from the previous court cases that had been criticized for being too soft toward white-collar crime and toward executives of chaebol, the big conglomerates that helped South Korea's rapid industrialization.

Lee's case and the current trial of the former president are seen as tests of the country's commitment to ending cozy ties among South Korea's political and business elite. Such links once were seen as the key to South Korea's impressive rise from the ashes of its 1950-53 war but now are blamed for corruption, inequality and stifling innovation.

Before the final hearing at the appeals court Lee paid back 8 billion won ($7.3 million) to Samsung Electronics. The lower court had said Lee embezzled that amount from Samsung to bribe Choi.

Pennsylvania GOP take gerrymandering case to US high court
Court Watch | 2018/01/23 09:40
Pennsylvania's top Republican lawmakers asked the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday to stop an order by the state's highest court in a gerrymandering case brought by Democrats that threw out the boundaries of its 18 congressional districts and ordered them redrawn within three weeks.

Republicans who control Pennsylvania's Legislature wrote that state Supreme Court justices unconstitutionally usurped the authority of lawmakers to create congressional districts and they asked the nation's high court to put the decision on hold while it considers their claims.

The 22-page argument acknowledged that "judicial activism" by a state supreme court is ordinarily beyond the U.S. Supreme Court's purview. But, it said, "the question of what does and does not constitute a 'legislative function' under the Elections Clause is a question of federal, not state, law, and this Court is the arbiter of that distinction."

Justice Samuel Alito, who handles emergency appeals from Pennsylvania, could ask the registered Democratic voters on the other side of the case to respond. Alito could act on his own, though the full court generally gets involved in cases involving elections. An order could come in a matter of days, although there is no deadline for the justices to act.

Pennsylvania's congressional districts are criticized as among the nation's most gerrymandered. Its case is happening amid a national tide of gerrymandering cases from various states, including some already under consideration by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Election law scholars call the Republicans' request for the U.S. Supreme Court's intervention a long shot.

They say they know of no other state court decision throwing out a congressional map because of partisan gerrymandering, and the nation's high court has never struck down an electoral map as a partisan gerrymander.

Court rules that Kushner firm must disclose partners' names
Court Watch | 2018/01/19 09:39
A federal judge ruled Friday that the family company once run by Jared Kushner isn't allowed to keep secret the identity of its business partners in several Maryland properties.

A U.S. district judge in the state rejected the argument that the privacy rights of the Kushner Cos. partners outweigh the public interest in obtaining judicial records in a lawsuit before the court. The decision means the company tied to President Donald Trump's son-in-law might be forced to provide a rare glimpse into how it finances its real estate ventures.

The ruling backed the argument by The Associated Press and other news organizations that the media has a "presumptive right" to see such court documents and the Kushner Cos. had not raised a "compelling government interest" needed by law to block access.

U.S. District Court Judge James K. Bredar ruled that Westminster Management, a Kushner Cos. subsidiary, must file an unsealed document with the identity of its partners by Feb. 9.

The ruling stems from a lawsuit filed by tenants last year alleging Westminster charges excessive and illegal rent for apartments in the state. The lawsuit seeks class-action status for tenants in 17 apartment complexes owned by the company.

Westminster has said it has broken no laws and denies the charges.

In addition to its privacy argument, the Kushner subsidiary had said media reports of the Maryland dispute were "politically motivated" and marked by "unfair sensationalism." Disclosure of its partners' names would trigger even more coverage and hurt its chances of getting an impartial decision in the case, it had said.

In Friday's ruling, the judge said these are not "frivolous concerns," but the public's right to know is more important.

Court halts execution of Alabama inmate with dementia
Court Watch | 2018/01/18 09:38
The U.S. Supreme Court has halted the execution of an Alabama inmate whose attorneys argue that dementia has left the 67-year-old unable to remember killing a police officer three decades ago.

Justices issued a stay Thursday night, the same evening that Vernon Madison was scheduled to receive a lethal injection at a southwest Alabama prison. The court delayed the execution to consider whether to further review the case.

Madison was sentenced to death for the 1985 killing of Mobile police Officer Julius Schulte, who had responded to a call about a missing child made by Madison's then-girlfriend. Prosecutors have said that Madison crept up and shot Schulte in the back of the head as he sat in his police car.

Madison's attorneys argued that strokes and dementia have left Madison unable to remember killing Schulte or fully understand his looming execution. The Supreme Court has previously ruled that condemned inmates must have a "rational understanding" that they are about to be executed and why.

"We are thrilled that the court stopped this execution tonight. Killing a fragile man suffering from dementia is unnecessary and cruel," attorney Bryan Stevenson, of the Equal Justice Initiative, said Thursday after the stay was granted.

The Alabama attorney general's office opposed the stay, arguing that a state court has ruled Madison competent and Madison has presented nothing that would reverse the finding.

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